Code of Conduct


Welcome! You've made the decision to join LDS Single Mingles! What now? How do you make the most of your time as a member? 

We follow LDS Standards: Our group follows inspiration from the Strength of Youth Handbook, adapted for adults. We are all at different stages of our journey and we need to respect and love everyone within the LDS Single Mingles Community. Single Mingles, LDS Single Mingles, it’s websites and social media platforms are not endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to provide a positive social environment for LDS Single Adults to meet, mingle, date and graduate.

Vision Statement: Latter-day Saints Single Mingles, organic, simple and heavenly led.

  • LDS Single Mingles is an community for single members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints striving to live Christian modest standards. 
    • We will not allow any promoting of not living LDS Standards in any of our groups, subgroups, or events that Single Mingles sponsors, endorses, or participates in. (promoting - talking about not living LDS Standards openly in the group forum. ie: drinking, sex, and etc)
  • Volunteers
    • Our organization has solely been run by gracious members volunteering their time to facilitate connections and run activities. 
    • We require that respect is given to them and gratitude. If any of our volunteers have been put in a position to deal with hostile members, the member will be removed immediately by an Admin. 
  • Common Sense is required
    • But just in case it's not clear here is a list!
      • No Adult content. Profanity and pornography is not allowed. 
      • Posts containing adult material will be deleted and the person will be removed from the group.
      • No name-calling or bad-mouthing anyone in the Lounges.
      • No Gossip Gossiping is harmful. We will not tolerate any behavior that causes or leads to animosity.
      • No Sexual Harassment This is a dating group. we encourage you to flirt with each other and enjoy playful banter. However, we have a zero-tolerance policy on any sexual harassment. (please let your moderator know if you have an active restraining order on a member)
      • Please maintain G/PG rated content including language, innuendos, and adult discussions many group members participate in front of children, friends, and family members. Photos and Videos topless (male and female) and in garments are prohibited and will be deleted.
      • Respect other users. No malefactors, flaming, or abusing of fellow group members is allowed. Users who continue to post inflammatory or abusive comments or creating backhanded drama between group members will be deleted from the group after two warnings are issued by admins.
      • Harassment. No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated. Any instance of threatening or harassing behavior is grounds for immediate removal from the group. Please see the bullying policy. 
      • All members are on a personal journey and not everyone will agree on politics, religion, or the color of the sky. Approach that person personally outside of the group setting and resolve your issues. 
  • Confidentiality is important to the members of LDS Single Mingles
    • We facilitate a safe place where members can discuss personal issues and open their hearts. What happens in Marco Polo, stays in Marco Polo. Do not use exes/other people’s names when speaking negatively of them.
    • Any concerns about any members of the group, please contact your Moderator or Ambassador. Do not discuss with other members. The Mods and Ambassadors will be able to help assist with your concerns.
  • Ambassadors maintain the right to remove videos and group members at any time and for any reason at their discretion. (within the Code of Conducts)
  • Membership Requirements
    • Active Conversations in a 2 week period
      • We know that lives get busy. We do remove all lurkers and inactive members every 2 weeks. So if you can pop in on the weekends and chat and mingle, great! If you've not talked in the groups in 2 weeks, we will assume you're on to the next phase of your single hood and someone has kept you busy *wink*
    • Your Profile name MUST be of your first and last name. Keep all emojis at the end of your name. 
    • Use a current photo of yourself.
  • Active Restraining/Protection Orders. 
    • We will follow the orders of the legal documents. 
  • Ex-Spouses
    • We implemented a "first come first serve" policy. If you do NOT want a spouse to join the groups, please let your moderator know as soon as you know they have joined. 
    • We are a free service and do not have the means to keep track.