Our Story

LDS Single Mingles was created on June 23rd, 2019 by Dan Ames and Stacy Condie (Krumel). We both were new Marco Polo users and realized very quickly this was a great way for LDS Singles to solve the problem of catphishing and scammers. But it also solved the issue of the lack of emotion in "text" in Facebook groups. 

Dan & Stacy have both since found their eternal love companions in LDS Single Mingles but we are still taking an active part in a different capacity. We formed a Board of Directors that consists of 6 members, 4 married, 2 single of men and women. We have appointed a group of 5 Ambassadors that run LDS Single Mingles on a day-to-day basis. 

We currently have 9 Lounges awaiting members to join in the chat! With plans to open more rooms to accommodate for younger single adults and for members over 50!

In the April 2021 General Conference we were stunned to realize that the church's single members counts for half of the membership! We knew it was high, but didn't know it really was. 

For Stacy, creating LDS Single Mingles was much needed! Stacy lives in Iowa and did not have quite the opportunity of dating LDS members like Dan did in Utah! Rural America doesn't have MSA Wards or frequent single events. Unfortunately for the area of Iowa/Nebraska the single community was very small, at least for those who did attend an event. So starting this group was Heavenly inspired to help her get out of her comfort zone and be able to meet other singles within the LDS faith. She then started to travel around the U.S. to meet friends she has made on Facebook and in LDS Single Mingles, creating events at every stop she went! She made some lifelong friends in the "OG" The original group that has now been closed to new members. This is the core reason for LDS Single Mingles, to help connect people across the world!